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I'm a scientist, student, educator, and activist fighting for life, liberty, and love.

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 No Class Today

As most of you know, I am a student as well as a candidate. Today, one of my classes was cancelled because my professor’s child couldn’t attend school because of a classmate testing positive for COVID.

This pandemic has far-reaching consequences past mask mandates and getting sick. It is also affecting our wallets. Folks are not able to go to work due to having to quarantine or take care of kids who are sick with COVID.

Having the option to go virtual in schools, including in higher education, is a cushion for when this virus inevitably hits our teachers and students due to very much preventable but non-mitigated spread of COVID. Having better social programs to support families who have to take care of a child who is at home because of COVID would help take the burden off of having to miss work, especially for working mothers. These measures have been needed for a long time before COVID as well, as you can ask any disabled person who has struggled to get accommodations or mother or father who cannot afford childcare.

Until we have leadership in this state (and its legislature) that’s willing to look out for all of us, please do your part: wear your mask, social distance, and, if eligible, get vaccinated.