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 Give teachers the raises they deserve.

Don’t be fooled by the vote to give teachers/classified staff a BONUS, which is taxed higher, without discussion of RAISES, which is taxed lower. It is shameful that during the Ark. Legislative Council meeting Ladyman made a motion for the bonus WITHOUT discussion of raises. You can’t expect teachers to be bought off this easily while they’re still suffering and you get to line your pockets.

A one-time bonus will not solve the deep, systemic issues in education. We have to tackle the root, which includes giving teachers a raise so they don’t have to work two or three extra side-jobs just to make ends meet. Many classified staff – like cafeteria workers, custodians, nurses, and others – make well below a teacher salary, which is outrageous. Everyone deserves a living wage, but especially those that are responsible for teaching our children how to be a functioning adult in our society.

I still stand by what I’ve already said – I support teachers, but a one-time bonus of $5000 while the rich still get their tax cut is not enough. Give teachers the raises they deserve. #payARteachers#arpx