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I'm a scientist, student, educator, and activist fighting for life, liberty, and love.

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JONESBORO, AR – Jonesboro resident Chenoa Summers announced her intent to run for State Senate in District 20. “Over the last several months, I have grown tired of hearing that our state senator only cares about voters who voted for him in the last race, especially given he did not have a challenger in the general election.

He has made it clear he represents a loud and vocal minority of extremists. I plan to represent ALL people, including the LGBTQIA+, Black, brown, and indigenous folks, and educators, healthcare workers, and frontline workers who are shouting from the rooftops for help combatting a deadly virus.”

Summers has laid out three key points for her campaign:

1. Life. Arkansas saw the most new COVID cases to date in the last week as well as a record number of hospitalizations, particularly among young children. Summers is interested in protecting the lives of people at risk for contracting COVID with common sense precautions such as vaccinations, masking, and social distancing. Mitigation of COVID is the only way to guarantee future economic prosperity for Arkansas.

2. Liberty. In the last several years, the Arkansas state legislature has made an effort to revoke liberties enshrined in the U.S. and Arkansas State Constitutions. She will advocate for expanding laws protecting our civil liberties such as protecting the right to vote, a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, and the right to good-quality education for all.

3. Love. Instead of instigating fear and hate, she will fight for LGBTQIA+ rights including giving protections to school-aged transgender kids.

For the past several years, Summers worked in academia as an adjunct instructor of science and the Director of the Student Success Center at UACCB. She returned to undergraduate studies as a student last year. Most notably in the last six months, she joined the fight against censorship of our local library. She is a member of Human Rights Campaign, the Democratic Party of Craighead County, the Arkansas Native Plant Society, Phi Beta Kappa, and the Arkansas Forestry Association.

ABOUT CHENOA SUMMERS – Chenoa Summers is running for State Senate in Arkansas’s 20th district. A Newport Native, she has lived in Jonesboro for over a decade. She has received four degrees – A.S. General Education, A.S. Natural Sciences, B.S. Physics, and M.S. Environmental Science. She is working on a fifth degree at A-State right now – B.S. Biology with emphasis in Botany. She currently works as a student research assistant in a botany lab at A-State.